Goddess, whenever I  look to you
I know you have known me
all my trials and tribulations
you wore them as a garland
to keep my worries at bay.

My offerings are to please you
but so trivial as they really are
when compared to the lovely gifts
countless that has been bestowed
these years on me by your good self.

In all my walks and moments
haven’t you walked with me
watching my every step that I took
correcting as a loving mother should
you were at my every beck and call.

I am greatly thankful to you
for having kept me company
I only wish you would hold my hands
lead me to places where I go after this
As I tread my steps now weary with age…


Happy Navratri and let Her blessings be upon you.

The native

Once you landed, you saw me looking at you
wondering from where you came looking for me
you were surprised at what I wore and was I too.

I was accommodating to make you feel at home
my home which I had tended for so long years
making it comfortable to please you as much.

But after knowing, my habits, my water hole
you drove me back into the far wilderness,
I had dreaded so long and away from home.

The inhabitants there treated me the best way
they could and made me at home, a foreigner
but I didn’t ditch them as you did to me…