A Morning Ritual

There is a small garden where there are a few saplings to be planted. A fertilizer bag remains untouched for more than a month now after its arrival. There is a spade glistening in the early morning sun. You are at your lethargic best, though not to be blamed as the situation is like that. Nobody wants to venture out as everything has become virtual. In fact everyone wants you to be at home. All establishments unlike of old times, do not want you at their door step. So travel has cut down and that can be seen while you measure yourselves at the navel.

Now, let us do this. Imagine the following. Take the spade, dig the ground at multiple places to plant the saplings, put some fertilizer from the bag, put back the mud around the plants. Amble across to the tap, switch it on, take the water pipe and water the plants that are newly planted and the others. Give an occasional spray at the chirping sparrows and other birds who hover around the pools to take a quick drink or a bath as is their custom. Now that you have read this, close your eyes and do the above activity imagining each and every detail.

If you enjoyed doing this virtual activity, either repeat it daily morning, or take it offline by running to the nearby nursery to get a few saplings and plant them in real at your place, and repeat the watering and fertilizer activities daily.

Be wiser healthwise

Enough now time for a change

Get out from your cosy bed

Go on a walk or a jog or a run

Turn blind to whatever distracts

The television or your cell phone.

Look at the trees and the birds

The Sky and the floating clouds

Into the eyes of those who bypass

Pass a dear smile for who knows

They need it just as you needed

This morning freshen up walk.

Morning walk in the woods
Courtesy: Shutterbug