The Patient’s Dilemma

Drink water and not something that will deprive you of it.


There is a knock on the Doctor’s door. Dr. Jaison is surprised wondering who it could be at this time of the night when he was just winding up things at work..

Before he could say “Yes”, there came in a burly figure of a man who seemed drunk so much so, that the liqour levels had reached his ears causing problems with his balance.

With a staggering gait and a look at the chair and the bed that both invited him, he finally decided to collapse in the patient’s chair but not before causing a flutter of heart beats to Jaison who was all along thinking that this huge personification would finally collapse across the desk and take him down alongwith the visitor..

Doc: Now there, i can see you a bit disturbed, have you been drinking lately.

Person: Yes I am, infact i just threw the one i…

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Thanksgiving – Saved by Soni

Week 14: Panning
(Auto rikshaw                         Photo credit: Ajay Pai)

I do not remember the date but it was the first week of October, 2010, a week that would  portent two things that would shake me the whole of that week, the loss of a job and another dear life itself. But Almighty God knowing that things would happen, was not at all worried, firstly because, i carried on with the first shock with ease and therefore he took upon himself to protect me from the second.

As, i got the breaking news at my workplace regarding my job, i never thought it would be back breaking. The next day, i woke up to a slight muscular spasm on  my back, and thought, i would attend to it, as soon as i got fit enough to ride my scooter to the doctor.

I reached him, and as usual, with visits that had a frequency of a couple of months, i waited for him to prescribe his injection of paracetamol to relieve the pain, as i was allergic to other pain killers like Voveran.

I had the injection from the nurse, and reached home in a matter of minutes by around 12 noon. Nobody was at home as the kids and my wife were at school. But within a few moments, i felt uneasy, and as i could gauge certain symptoms, i knew something had gone wrong with the drug that was injected. My throat went dry, the tongue was getting stuck, and i had difficulty breathing, which was increasing by the minute. The eyelids started swelling, and i knew, by the way it was developing it would be a close call. I looked at the mirror and open my mouth to see the epiglottis having swollen twice its size.

I immediately called the clinic and told the nurse of my symptoms, they asked me to come right away. I gulped down 3 glasses of water, as that was the only thing i could do at that point of time to dilute the effects of the allergy. Now i had to call Soni, the rikshaw driver, whom i used to call whenever i had to go on such medical or other errands. Now Soni operates from the Cochin Special Economic Zone at Chittethukara, Kakkanad Auto stand(station), which is at a distance of 3 minutes running time from my home for an auto rikshaw. But rarely he is seen at the stand, as his log book is always full with his committed customers, who book him for days in advance. 90 percent of the time when someone calls him, he is always transporting somebody else.

I had only his number at that time and I called him, and as usual, he picked my phone. In those days and even now he doesn’t know me by name, but would recognize me by my voice and location. I told him who i was, and the urgency in my call, prodded him to rush to my place wherever he was at that time. As i told before, the Lord had made his plans well in advance, and was just waiting for the events to happen and pass.

Within a minute or more, he was at my doorstep, and the sight of his rickshaw was like a chariot sent by the gods. We did not talk much, as every minute was precious. A look at my face, and he knew it was serious and there was no time for pleasantries to be exchanged.

We reached the clinic in another 5 minutes, and I could barely  see the door and enter without bumping into the wall. My back was paining now because of my breathlessness, the regular back pain having gone long back.  Soni asked me, if he should wait for me, when I parted with him, but I asked him to move on, since I was to be in safe hands, and it could take time before they would allow me to go this time.

The sister nurse, who had injected me earlier, though no fault of hers, guided me to the patient bed, where the doctor was issuing instructions to another nurse as to what antidotes had to be injected into me this time, with him to do it personally. Normally, I used to remind my doctor of my allergic condition, and on that day, both of us forgot, but within moments, we both were reminded, how important it was to remember such things.

After 2 doses of antidotes, I was tied down for another 3 hours, before i called my wife, and she was able to pick me up. If not for Soni and his presence of mind that day, I would not have been writing to you today…