When you live in a house and are surrounded by people you know well, then it is life as usual.  But when you need to move out to far off places in search of  work or for studies, getting into those new homes make you homesick. Does this scenario fully explain homesickness?

When you walk into your existing house and which is now devoid of all people who once lived with you and left you alone that also brings in a sort of condition that some term it as HS. So it is not just the house but the people who constitute your home or to put it properly the lack of them and fond memories which brings in this sickness that we call home sickness.

In short, you do not get sick because you are far away from home or alone at home but being all alone without your immediate ones and the fact that this loneliness is going to stay, maybe a year or a month or a week is what makes you sick. Have you ever got this type of feeling when you went out on a vacation along with your family and far away from home? If your answer is in the negative, then we have defined homesickness. Hope you do not get sick after reading this…