You have been warned : Do not go further, there is danger ahead.

The still waters beckoned me as my little footprints made their imprints upon the hot dry sand from the now setting Sun which was once at its zenith only a few hours ago. As the cool waves lapped at my feet tickling me, needless to say,  they were now beckoning to get in more of my self into the blue expanse lit only by a distant horizon and a few stars making their appearance.

I could feel the embrace of the heavy stillness around my waist pushing me ever so slightly, in all directions, four directions I had been taught in school. I never had experienced so much soothing, as if somebody had applied the healing balm all over me. The timid mind had made its plunge into the deep even before, though the body ever so careful made steps with my tiny legs that had now started to complain to me that the water though helping it to hold on was also pushing the weight of my fear into the quick sands that were quickly forming. But as egged on, as I used to walk with parents, I persisted to walk ahead into the inviting spectacle.

When the plush waves pushed with me playfully, I tried to balance with my hands trying to use them as paddles, oars or fins, oh I could see my vocabulary was slowly failing me. The shadow of fear that had appeared quite some time ago in my messy head was now standing next to me, not helping me, but standing still, waiting for me as my mother did, to take care of my ablutions.

I looked out to the beach, how far was I away from the people walking upon it, the playful children creative as they could get with the sand. I could see some navigating the now invisible thread of their playfully wielded kites and the hawkers trying their best to get in a morsel or two of the food in their cans into the mouths of the visitors. Shout I did as as I was slowly drifting away, the sea taking  with it, poor me, as it retreated for the evening but all I could manage was a croak. Was it because of the salt that had gotten into me or had  I become an amphibian after settling in this water for some quite some time. My skin needed to breathe, my pale self not helping,  the fish scurrying desperately getting away from a stranger who never knew or learned to swim like them. There was no log of wood for me to hold on, nor one to write my last wishes for the dear people whom I left back on the beach.

Had they noticed my absence, the dusk fast giving away to darkness, my head and frail hands that bobbed up once in a while, was it visible to them, to anyone who gazed at the deep sea or the arc of the horizon, I knew not. The body got heavier by the minute and whatever air in me gave way to the water now gushing in with a pinch of salt. Water, I was taught was life giving, but my small body could never handle too much of it. The ocean was now feeding me what it knew best, to intruders who had never understood how to step into it. Oh dear mother,  if only I had listened to you and had not wandered off into the deep water when you were not looking. I sent you on an errand so that you could not see me running into the vast expanse of bluish water which had always enchanted me, a place of wonder where a lot of my imaginative characters dwelt.

I know the lunch with the wonderful curry you fed with your hands seems to be, my last feed of the day as I now rest myself on the floor of good old nature, bidding bye to all my worries, my unanswered questions and rest now. My tired body has sunk, buried by a thin layer of sparkling sand, a blanket against the increasing cold of the heavy rumble above me. How I, fervently wish, I might be a floating log tomorrow for my loved ones to reclaim and rebury along with their fond memories of me…



Rain when will you rain?

Just as someone sends guided missiles to snuff out lives,
ever loving nature sends guided rains to all parts of the land
some as showers, thunderstorms, and then raining cats and dogs
Indian cities are waiting to see scenes and songs such as this below
the countdown to the great Indian monsoon having started
we don’t know how many tons of life giving water will bomb on us
hoping and wishing dear mother nature will provide a bounty
to help sustain life after the smiling sun has shined enough
waiting with anxious breath, rain when will you rain?


Kera Kerala

The land of coconuts ( Kera for coconut) . No wonder some of us drive others nuts or ourselves go nuts.

That said, it is still a great place.

Currently am here on vacation, the weather being hot, not surprising though as Indian summers are always simmering.  I plan to come back here for good in the month of May before the monsoon arrives 🙂

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Photo below is from my native home at Thrissur.

Home is where the heart is


The Mind, through the Lens of Malayalam Cinema

This is my first review of a book on WordPress and I chose Vidya Chathoth’s book, “Reel to Real” which is a book that dwells deep into the mental makeup of characters who were a part of good Malayalam Cinema through the 1970’s to the 90’s.

The book keeps you engaged, as to how the minds of such characters took shape with their backgrounds and how their mental perceptions helped them evolve into such characters, allowing them to survive or fail in respective movies, some of which have been detailed in depth. It also helps us to understand certain psychological definitions like self-actualized individuals, the issues caused by denial of the self , border line personality disorder etc.

This book is not just for movie buffs, but a good read for parents, students and mentors alike, in the sense that it helps us understand what pains, great writers in the industry took to place and fit such molded characters within the story that viewers could self analyse as an after thought or while watching the movie.

The inferences that we draw from the book are precious to understand precarious human nature in general and people we meet from all walks of life, empathize with them, especially since all of us come from different backgrounds and have experienced certain pain at some point in life. After reading, I was amazed how much the writers and the directors wanted to convey in a film through the script and the characters and how Vidya’s book ‘ Reel to Real’ helps us understand and analyse some of them through her maiden venture.

Vidya writes regularly at her blog

To enjoy the book thoroughly, I had to revisit some of the movies listed below on YouTube and trust me, the author has put to good use, her professional background as a medical doctor and has helped readers like me, understand and analyse in depth, the human mind put on display through such wonderful characters and the great actors and actresses who portrayed them.

Some of the few movies in the book, wherein the central character’s  mental makeup have been analysed are are listed below:

Aranyakam (1988)
Thoovanathumbikal (1987)
Mazha (2000)
Udyanapalakan (1996)
Namukku Parkkan Munthiri Thoppukal (1986)
Parinayam (1994)
Sargam (1992)
Desadanakilli Karayarilla (1986)

Here are  the links to her book on Amazon India and Amazon UK and wish you all, a happy reading…


Reel to Real