Subjects of Nature

I inspired you with good old mathematics
so that you could count your many blessings
You went further and invented my hidden laws
and called it physics to psyche up your image.

You branded our chemistry and researched on it
I was happy seeing you make wonders with it all
to see my subjects create new ones with time
or so I thought, but I was  wrong all this time.

You spoilt the biology of our own good selves
my geography too, who harbored you all this while
and nurtured your educated whims and fancies
until one fine day, when we all, faded into history…

Photo Credit: Rupali

Learning Mathematics

Learning mathematics or for that matter any subject in school is tough unless you have that perfect teacher always ready to guide you or prod you to enhance your skills in that subject. No wonder, for kids, their favorite subject means the subject taught by their favorite teacher. So if you like your teacher, you like your subject and you strive to excel in it, since you do not want to let your teacher down.