The Christmas Hope

The chill with the winter is here,
the holidays are back to rejoice
time to go on a shopping spree?
and what would you dear like
now that Christmas is here again.
Is  it easy or difficult to make a choice
would you buy a red robe, a hat
this time as a sweet year ends
indulge in those cute presents
for a poor kid on the street
to whom Santa is a distant dream
that I would like you to fulfill…


Wishing all my dear readers, Happy Holidays, a great Christmas and a Happy New Year ready to unfold into our lives!


We have been friends for over a decade now
swinging to and fro, though some hate it
as we block their ways when in great hurry
to get out or get in, they do push us away…

A lot many, handle us with great hopes
quite a few care and  admire us on the way in
while others are rough while barging out
for some are blind till they bump into us…

Over the years, we have come to recognize
each patron by their touch and fragrance
and their tastes while they leave us alone
into their busy lives with hopes of coming back…

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