Wings to Fly

There is a time when everyone longs to fly. Some flap their hands, some jump into the air only to realize gravity that instantly grounds us. The air borne feature is a gift of the Lord to all those avians who survey us, as they fly around us and maybe wonder – what if all these two legged animals too had wings. They would never be secure then.

Coming back to the flying itch, I decided today to develop this flying story and the dream to fly. Yes in our dreams, we do fly once in a while or many a time, depending on our dreams. Most of the flying dreams end up with either us losing our wings or crashing like a plane that has lost both its engines. But yes, more than the fear of flying in airplanes, how sweet it would have to been to glide like an Albatross over the ocean or an eagle over the hills surveying the beauty below. How would one feel, if we would descend down in a swoop or fly into a spin and recover just in time and steady ourselves.

Like the Siberian Crane that flies thousands of miles, how great it would have been for us to flap our wings and start on a journey perhaps to the Andes and on the way pass over the Amazon river that spreads its tributaries as its wings on the ground below.

On second thoughts. can we fly to a place without our baggage that however we might shrink still weighs up a good 20 kilograms. How can we fly with that baggage on our backs. We definitely would break our backs midway and be seen breathing our last on some river bank, just a few feet away, from the precious life giving water.

But what about the work log, the emails and the calls and the food and the sun creams that we need to take along the airborne trip, you might ask. There you are, you never can think out of the box. If you really can, then you need to just dump the box altogether and fly carefree to a place which beckons you.

How can I cross the Libyan desert on my way to Egypt or do I need to fly around the hot desert, but then, will I have the stamina, or should I wait for winter to set in. I hope the thought has been ingrained and has taken shape in your mind. Once the feathers too appear, you can decide to fly any place on the earth, in your dreams of course, as in reality actual flights have been already handed over to the birds by the Lord. But then, He has bestowed the vision and the imagination to reach and traverse places as you like.

Thank him for that when you go to bed. Who knows, He might gift you a winged flight you had always dreamt of…