Lessons from a Palmist

I washed my hands clean, as I wished to meet the person who could read me between the lines on my palm and predict my past and future if not the present. I have seen him for the past decade and only now had decided to consult him and understand him and myself.

There he was sitting beneath the peepal tree, his only tool being a magnifying glass. He sat there the whole day where a few would come and sit with him and understand what lay in store for them in the near future.

What do you need to know son, asked he, as I stretched out my palm. Nothing in particular, but would like to know how my life would shape in general. He looked at me, reading my face rather than my palm. He did a cursory reading of my palm, a few seconds is what it took him to gauge my future and after looking again for a few moments at my face reading my curiosity, he said,”The future lies in your hands son, go and explore the world which awaits you. In your hands, these lines are mere indicators, you can make your future and mould it in any direction you please. If we palmists can make a living looking at just the lines that hold the potential, how much would it be worth if your hands can unearth it”.