Wait at the Watch

Walking hours nay days in rustling grass

I arrive at the bottom of a watch tower.

I am not sure dear should I climb them

I ask to none being lost in this jungle.

The bottle slung with water long gone

Slinging berries on the way didn’t help.

Now and then distant roars evokes fear

Just as my aching feet cry out for rest.

I hope to get some rest as I climb up

Away from the wild roaming animals.

We can run no more dear say my legs

Much less walk or any such feat.

These steps are the last I assure

Till help arrives or a miracle dawns.

I climb up on to the watch area

Where sits an old smiling jaguar.

So you arrived visitor, welcomes he

How can he talk in my sweet tongue?

This must be a jungle dream for me

come true with jingles for wild him.

Look I have come for rest, plead I

And I frequent here for old prey.

Pray could you spare me please

And how would that benefit me?

Say I could not offer you much

But in you is an offer good to resist.

Sad not any more, we are two souls

Awaiting a new life as we wait.

You died long ago in this misty woods

I waited like a mystic here for prey

Till death found me before I could pray…

The Hunt

Pic Courtesy: BBC/AFP

The waning moon knew all about me
as I would step out for that elusive kill
I never knew who it would be, on any day
ever watchful and keeping aloof from the one on two legs
until one day I was forced to kill one in self defense.

From that day, I knew, I would surely become the hunted one
labelled as a man eater even though I had never got involved
always prided  myself having lived my life with good principles
following the jungle law that only, we creatures understood.

I never was in awe of the man who would transgres our lives
by the power of his gun, which one day did find its mark on me
wounded and dying, as I lay sprawled, I knew they would make merry
but I didn’t care for what happened to my carcass, what use they put it to
for I had lived my life as a royal tiger in the mangroves till they found me,
a cat, killing only for food unlike them who did it out of fear or leisure…