When it simmers in the summer
as it freezes in the winter
when it floods during the the rains
as it dislocates during landslides

when it pours lava from volcanoes
as boats gets capsized in swollen rivers
when the earth shakes during a quake
as an epidemic swallows a community

when hunger and thirst is rampant
as there is no pay after work
when there is no food to buy
as there is no shop in sight

when you get ransacked by robbers
and animals take off your dear ones
while there is no water to drink
as the light goes out of your sight

while the limbs get distraught
as the organs in the body fail you
when fire engulfs homes and dreams
then a disease lays you low

that is when you think of Him
who though appears nowhere to be seen
still watches over you, to see,
how you conduct yourself
when life’s woes befall you …